March 2024

React Native SDK v2.0.0

Change typeDate of changeAffected productsAffected auth flows
New feature06 March 2024Icon Payments
Icon VRP
Icon Signup+
React Native

The latest major version of the React Native SDK contains a variety of minor improvements and bug fixes. It also includes the following larger changes, which align it with the latest versions of the iOS and Android SDKs:

  • The introduction of the payment and mandate result screen.
    This is enabled by default and you need to explicitly disable it.
  • The UI now displays Signup+ specific wording when signupplus is specified as a related_product at payment creation.
  • Made optimisations to the decoupled authorisation flow for payments in Spain.
  • Added localisation for the Italian language.
  • Added a default merchant logo if one hasn't been uploaded in Console.

You can download v2.0.0 of the React Native SDK on GitHub here