Authorise a payment


Check out the API reference for Payments API v3

Refer to the API reference for more information on Payment Authorisation

Once a payment has been created on the backend using a token generated by your client-secret and payments scope, you will have the following resource object returned in the response.

  "resource_token": "a-secret-token"


Using the Hosted Payment Page, iOS SDK, or Android SDK significantly reduces the time and effort required for your integration. See more details on how to use these features here.

You will find a resource_token field in the create payment response. This token is a special limited scope token that allows a client to interact with this specific resource for a limited duration (15 minutes from creation). You can use this token to authorise the payment on your frontend easily by using our Hosted Payment Page , iOS SDK or Android SDK .

If you want a customised solution, you can also authorise using your own user interface.

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