Manage user authorisation

This section covers how to gain the user's consent to make a single payment, or authorise a recurring payment mandate. You can do this in one of four ways.

The hosted payment page presents a web user interface that makes it simple and easy to accept payments from your users. This is the best option for making payments on the Web.

The embedded payment page provides a embedded user interface for payments, either inline or as an overlay on your page.

Use our iOS and Android SDK

With the mobile SDK for iOS and Android, you can quickly add open banking payments to your app. This is the best option for making payments natively on a mobile device.

Use our API and your own user interface

The API provides a server-side integration if you wish to build your own UI, integrate into your existing UI, or would like to have more flexible customisations.


Not regulated as a PISP?

If you are unregulated as a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) and you wish to use your own UI, then you must display some additional information in your payment journey. See our payments user interface guidance for more information.