Mock providers for Payments v3

Learn about the mock providers you can use to test your integration with the Payments API v3 in sandbox.

TrueLayer provides mock providers per country with payments API v3 . You can use them to test your integration, regardless if you are integrating via our Hosted Payments Page, via our iOS or Android SDKs, or via a direct API integration.

Based on how you create the payment, you see different banks available within the HPP or SDKs as you are testing. For direct integration, you would observe this take effect in the list of providers you receive for provider_selection action.

Redirect Flow

To make the relevant providers visible during authorisation ensure that:

  • provider_selection.type is set to user_selected
  • provider_selection.filter.countries is either empty or filled with the ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 country code (e.g. GB, IE, DE)
  • currency is set accordingly to the country code

When you initiate a payment using one of these providers, we return a URI that redirects your user to our mock provider authorisation page.


The UI for the mock provider.

On the authorisation prompt page, different actions lead to different outcome for the payment:

ExecuteEnter usernametest_executed
Auth failureEnter usernametest_authorisation_failed
Execution rejectionEnter usernametest_execution_rejected
CancellationClick cancel button-

Using test_executed or test_execution_rejected enables the Execution delay selection, where you can select from different timings, from no delay to one day.

Using test_executed enables the Settlement delay selection, where you can select from different timings, from no delay up to one day.

When you log in with one of the previous usernames, the mock provider presents the account selection page.
When you provide the remitter account details in the payment initiation request, only the stated account can be selected on this screen.


Sandbox payment limit

You cannot make a payment with an amount_in_minor exceeding 5000000 to a merchant account in the sandbox environment..