Learn about our Payments product and how you can use it to accept payments from your users.


Payments API v3

The Payments API v3 is the latest version of the TrueLayer payments API. The Payments API v3 features all of the functionality of v1 and v2 of the payments API and more, so we always recommend you use v3 instead of other versions.

The TrueLayer Platform is integrated to UK and EU banks which offer Payment Initiation APIs, and provides a single public API which enables clients to request payment via all integrated banks. As our coverage for international banks grow, Payments API v2 offers full coverage to all of our integrated banks.

To get access to the live Payments API, you must have:

  • Created a TrueLayer account in the Console.
  • Been approved for access to the Payments API v2.

To get support for the Payments API:

Supported countries

Check out our list of banks available for Payments V2 in different countries.

Integration Checklist

  1. Use our /providers endpoint to build a provider selection screen for your user to choose their bank. All assets are supplied via our /providers endpoint.
  2. Request an access_token from our authentication endpoint.
  3. Create a new payment initiation request, specifying the provider the user has selected.
  4. Handle the response to allow the user to authorise the payment.
    • For the redirect authorisation flow:
      1. Redirect the user to the URI specified in the API response.
      2. Handle the user returning back from the bank on the return_uri you previously set in the console.
    • For the embedded authorisation flow:
      1. Display the inputs specified in the API response to the user.
      2. Submit the values they enter to our submission API.
      3. Repeat if the submission response specifies more inputs.
  5. Poll our GET /v2/single-immediate-payments/{id} endpoint until you see a final status, or provide a webhook URI for us to call you on.


For full guidance on including disclaimers to accept payments, refer to our Help Centre article or contact Client Care.

Test your integration in sandbox

To use the sandbox, use truelayer-sandbox.com instead of truelayer.com when making your requests. Make sure to use the right credentials for the sandbox.

In the sandbox, you will have access to providers that have a sandbox environment. With these providers, you can send a fake payment that will behave like a real one.

Name the payment method

When creating your checkout page, we recommend you label the payment method as Pay by bank transfer instead of using TrueLayer or Open Banking to increase user trust and confidence while paying.

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