Quickstart: Verify your user's bank accounts

Learn how to verify a user's bank account in a few quick steps.

To integrate with Verification API in sandbox, do the following:

  1. Sign up to our Console.
  2. Generate an authentication link. This link provides a simple user interface for your users to connect their bank accounts.
  3. Log into our Mock Bank account and obtain an access_token. You can use this access_token to verify an account holder name.

See Account Verification for more information including available data and supported countries.

Step 1: Sign up

  1. Sign up to the TrueLayer Console to get your sandbox client_id and client_secret.
  2. Install Postman and download our sandbox Postman collection. It contains sample requests so that you can quickly retrieve data, and generate code snippets in various languages of your choice. It also has our Sandbox environment endpoints preconfigured.

Step 2: Authorise a user

Create a test authentication link to authenticate users via the Auth Link Builder in our Console. With the test auth link, you can easily connect to our mock bank.

To create your test auth link:

  1. Select the set of Permissions with info and account scopes to include in the authentication link.
  2. Choose a Redirect URI where the user will be redirected after authenticating.
  3. Check that the Mock provider is enabled to use our mock bank user credentials for testing.
  4. Select Test to open the generated test auth link and connect to our mock bank.
  5. To get an exchange code, select Mock Bank and fill in the following when asked for credentials:
    • First name: john
    • Last name: doe

Step 3: Obtain an access token

Use the Postman Exchange Code request in the Authentication folder to exchange the generated code into an access_token. To do so:

  • Add the missing variables:
    1. client_id: Your sandbox client_id. You can find this value in your Console.
    2. client_secret: Your sandbox client_secret. You can find this value in your Console.
    3. code: The code that you generated in Step 2 with a link to the step we're referring to here.
  • Send the request and retrieve a response containing an access_token and refresh_token.

Step 4: Access data

With the access_token, run any of the requests in the Sandbox Postman collection to verify an account holder name.

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