Single payments

Make a Single Domestic Open Banking payment with TrueLayer

Single Open Banking payments are supported by TrueLayer across Europe.

You can make payments into your own account, or into a TrueLayer merchant account.

Once you have retrieved a token in your server, you can create a payment using either our HTTP or our .NET flow, and have your user authorise the payment using one of our supported methods.


TrueLayer provides server-side and signing libraries in different programming languages to simplify your integration process and to help you get up and running faster. Using libraries is not necessary in your integration, however, there are certain advantages in using them. Request signing and validating webhook signatures are some of the more complex and time-consuming aspects of an integration. These client libraries are built to help remove this complexity.

You can use TrueLayer's official libraries irrespective of the integration method you've chosen (that is, direct API integration, HPP, mobile SDKs, or any other method). You will need to handle some level of backend integration irrespective of your integration method, and libraries can help you in the process.

Our libraries are available in two programming languages, Java and .NET, and are regularly updated for changes to our API(s).

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