Welcome to the TrueLayer API Reference.

Our API reference contains detailed information about the various endpoints available for the TrueLayer APIs.

The reference for each endpoint includes:

  • an explanation of what it does.
  • the required and optional parameters and any formatting restrictions.
  • any required headers.
  • example responses for successful and failed requests.

Information about the general functionality of our APIs, and how to integrate them, can be found in the documentation part of this site.

We hope that this reference will be a useful resource as you integrate our API into your project. If you have any feedback or requests, please submit it via the form at the bottom of the page.

API overview

These are the different API references for the TrueLayer products. They're updated regularly alongside the APIs. Learn about API updates.

The Payments API v3 is the latest version of the TrueLayer payments API. It supports more functionality than older versions, including closed loop and open loop payments, payouts, refunds, and variable recurring payments.

Learn how to integrate the Payments API v3 in our documentation.

The requests in this section are for the Data API. You can use these requests in this section to get an access token for authentication, generate a link for users to authorise requests, view a list of financial providers and more.

Use the Data API to retrieve user data such as accounts, cards, and transactions.

Learn how to integrate the Data API.

The Connections API is part of the Data API and enables users to create and extend connections. A connection is the user's consent for you to access their data for 90 days, in line with open banking standards.

Learn how to integrate connections as part of the Data API.

The Signup+ API enables you to collect user data as part of a separate API request such as creating a payment ot retrieving user data. This simplifies user data collection, and as a result the registration or due diligence process. For example, you can collect user data as part of a payment, part of a mandate, or through the Data API prior to a payment.

Learn how to integrate the Signup+ API.

Use the Verification API to verify a user's identity by comparing their name to the name on record with their bank accounts.

Learn how to integrate the Verification API.