Signup+ basics

The Signup+ API simplifies the onboarding process. Users can sign up for your service with a single payment, without entering data manually.



The Signup+ API is in private beta in the UK only. If you'd like us to support a particular country, contact customer support with your request.

Signup+ retrieves user data and can support two integration methods. Either:

  • payments only, where you collect user details using a payment id from the Payments API v3.
  • data and payments, where you collect user details through the Signup+ API before a payment.

Which method to choose depends on how you plan to use Signup+. The payments flow creates a smooth payment and signup flow for industries such as financial services. The data and payments flow includes an additional age verification check before any payments are taken, which is necessary for iGaming merchants.

Payments only flow

The payments only flow simplifies onboarding for your service, allowing a user to register and make a payment at the same time. In this flow:

  1. The user makes a payment using TrueLayer’s Payments API v3.
  2. To retrieve the user's data, you send a request to the /signup-plus endpoint with the payment id.
  3. We return the user data for the account that made the payment.

Data and payments flow

The data and payments flow involves collecting data before any money is moved. You can use this information for additional security checks, for example age verification. This reduces risk and improves security. In this flow:

  1. The user gives consent for you to access their bank data.
  2. They are redirected to their bank to authenticate, then sent back to your app.
  3. To retrieve the user's data, you send a request to the Signup+ API /accounts endpoint.
  4. We retrieve the account details for the account that the user has given consent for.
    If the user has more than one valid connected account with the same provider, we ask for the account_id of the account that they want to use.
  5. We return the user data for that account.


The Signup+ API provides user data for current accounts only. This means that credit cards, savings accounts, business accounts and joint accounts are not supported. There is also a small group of challenger banks that we don't currently support, though we're looking to change this in the future.