Additional requirements for EU providers

All the additional inputs needed during the auth flow for providers based in Europe.

Some providers in the EU require additional inputs during provider selection and payment authorisation. The embedded payment page, hosted payment page and mobile SDKs all support these by default.

The table below shows the additional information that a user may be asked to submit, depending on the country their bank is located in. Not all providers ask for any additional inputs at all, but those that do may ask for any that are listed in the table.

GermanyIBAN, Branch code, account number, sub-account number

Some providers in Germany also have embedded flows. In these flows, a user inputs their banking credentials within the TrueLayer flow rather than being redirected to their bank app or website to log in.
the NetherlandsIBAN

Before you go live in the EU, contact us and let us know which countries you want to support.