Single immediate payments [Payments V2]

Learn how to set up, execute, and monitor the progress of a single immediate payment.

A single immediate payment is a one-time payment executed in real time. There are multiple parts to a single immediate payment.

First, the user accesses the provider selection screen you've built and selects a provider.

Next, you need to initiate a payment using an access token.

After this, you redirect the user to their bank to authorise the payment.

Once the user authorises the payment and you handle the response, you can use webhooks you've configured to check on its status. For example, to ensure the payment is successful.

Once you've configured these steps, you can test your integration and go live.

In this section, we provide an explanation of each step needed to configure single immediate payments as above. Click on each step to learn more:

  1. Build a provider selection screen
  2. Initiate a payment
  3. Handle the payment response
  4. Set up webhook notifications
  5. Check payment status
  6. Test and go live