Payments API in Console

Set up request signing, redirects and webhooks when building your integration. Also, monitor payments for your existing integration.

Use the Payments section in Console to integrate your payments application.

In an existing integration, you can use this section to monitor payments, check your merchant accounts, or make changes to settings such as your webhook URI or public key.

For new payments integrations

The Payments API section of our documentation provides a full overview of what you can use the Payments API for and how to integrate it. Our payments quickstart guide can help you get started quickly.

As part of creating your payments integration, you need to use the payments Settings page in Console to upload a public key and set webhook URIs.

If you use TrueLayer's hosted payment page for payment authorisation or payment links, you should also use the UI customisation page in Console. Here, you can change your brand's logo and name to personalise your payment authorisation experience.

For existing payments integrations

Users of your application on Console can use the Payments view. This contains a table with the most recent payments, which users can filter based on date, status and currency. They can also generate reports from the Payments view.

Use the merchant account dashboard in Console to check your EUR and GBP balances, set up sweeping and generate historical reports of your balance.