Signup+ errors

Learn about Signup+ errors.

The Signup+ API returns a Problem JSON for client usage and server-side processing errors.

The information returned includes the following fields:

FieldAlways returned?Description
typeYesA link to human-readable documentation about the error.
titleYesA short summary of the error.
statusYesThe HTTP status code for the error.
detailNoA more detailed explanation of the error.
trace_idYesThe TrueLayer trace identifier for the request.
instanceNoAn absolute URI that identifies the specific occurrence of the problem.
errorsNoA description of what went wrong and where.

Below is an example of an error you can receive when you use Signup+.

    "type": "",
    "title": "Failed Payment",
    "status": 422,
    "detail": "Cannot process failed payments",
    "instance": "/signup-plus/payments",
    "trace_id": "149c0d43-aaa0-4e46-9add-ea80b7697f28"

Universal errors

You can receive the following errors with both the payments only and data and payments flows.

HTTP StatusTitleRetryHow to handle
400Invalid ParametersNoCheck the error object for details of which fields are invalid.
401UnauthorizedNoCreate a new access token. The access token may be invalid or expired. You can check for more details in the error description.
403ForbiddenNoAsk the user to reconnect their account. This error is returned when the access to their account is no longer valid, either because it expired or because the user revoked it themselves.
422User Data Not FoundNoUser data not found.
422Joint Accounts Not SupportedNoJoint accounts not supported.
500Internal server errorYesRetry later.

Payments only errors

Requests you make to the Signup+ with the payments only flow can return the unique errors below.

HTTP StatusTitleRetryHow to handle
404Payment Not FoundNoThe payment id supplied does not match the client_id that is being used to call Signup+. Either the payment has been made with a different client_id or has not been processed. Ensure that the payment is made with the right client_id and try again.
422Invalid PaymentNoPayment is not a closed loop payment.
422Payment ProcessingYesPayment is still in progress. Retry when payment is processed or reached a terminal state.
422Failed PaymentNoCannot retrieve data from a failed or rejected payment.

Data and payments errors

Requests you make to Signup+ using the data and payments flow can return the responses and errors below.

HTTP StatusTitleRetryHow to handle
403Missing ClaimsNoAdd the missing claims to the access token.
422No Valid AccountsNoUser has given permission to access an invalid account. This usually occurs because they don't have a current account with that provider.
504Provider TimeoutYesThe bank is experiencing issues. Retry later.