Check payment status [Payments V2]

Learn how to poll the payment resource to get the status of a payment.

The application can poll the payment resource to see if the status has been modified. This allows the application to know if the payment was successful or not.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${access_token}" \

The payment resource may exist in different states according to the progress of the transaction:

initiatedNoThe payment resource has been created, but the user has not yet authorised the payment. The initial API response will always have this status if the API call is successful.
cancelledYesThe user has cancelled the payment through their bank portal. This may also happen for some bank UIs if the user clicks the Back button in their browser.
authorisation_failedYesThe user attempted to authorise the payment with the bank, but failed to do so successfully
executingNoThe user has successfully authorised the payment using the bank portal, but the payment has not yet executed.
rejectedYesThe user authorised the payment, but the bank rejected it after this.
executedYesThe funds have left the remitter’s account and will arrive in the beneficiary’s account.
expiredYesThe expired status is not available for Payments API v2. It’s only available in Payments API v3.

The executing and executed/rejected states may be very close. A bank may respond to the payment submission indicating the payment has already been executed. However, it is also possible for a payment to be queued within the bank for a short period of time. In that case, the payment status will initially be executing, and then may be updated to executed after polling for a status check.

Note that after a payment has been executed, it may take some time for it to be settled, although for transactions executed via Faster Payments in the UK, this normally happens very quickly.

If the remitter was specified, remitter details will also be included in the response.

  "result": {
    "single_immediate_payment_id": "dcc3e785-76d3-415c-8bd7-553f17f49c4a",
    "status": "initiated",
    "initiated_at": "2020-10-13T10:01:23.381802",
    "amount_in_minor": 120000,
    "currency": "GBP",
    "provider_id": "eg-provider",
    "scheme_id": "payment_scheme",
    "fee_option_id": "split_fee",
    "beneficiary": {
      "account": {
        "type": "sort_code_account_number",
        "sort_code": "234567",
        "account_number": "23456789"
      "name": "Financial Services Ltd"
    "remitter": {
      "account": {
        "type": "sort_code_account_number",
        "sort_code": "987654",
        "account_number": "98765432"
      "name": "Mike Smith"
    "references": {
      "type": "separate",
      "beneficiary": "FinServ-1a2b3c4d",
      "remitter": "FS-1000001"

To see all known states of your payment and trace your payment with the timestamps, add /statuses to the end of the request.

The expired status is not yet available and will be coming soon.