Download our Insomnia and Postman collections and start testing with our products.

Our collections for REST API clients are the quickest way to get started with our APIs. Each collection includes preconfigured environments, variables, and requests.

Before you start

This guide assumes that you have already created an account and set up your credentials on Console.

First, download and install Postman or Insomnia to use the collections.

To use collections, you need to set up your environment in Insomnia and Postman. To do this, see our guide to Console setup and quick start guide for payments.

Payments v3

The Payments v3 collection contains requests that enable you to test payments, refunds, merchant accounts, payouts, and mandates. This collection requires Insomnia, as it supports request signing.

You need to generate public and private keys and install the TrueLayer Insomnia plugin to use this collection.

Click this Run in Insomnia button to download the Payments API v3 Insomnia collection.

Run in Insomnia

Alternatively, download the Payments API v3 Insomnia collection from GitHub.


When you download the Insomnia collection, you can choose to add it to an existing collection, or to create a new file.

If you create a new file, Insomnia creates a 'document'. In a document, ensure you select the Debug tab at the top of the screen in Insomnia to view the sample requests.

Data and Verification API

This collection contains requests for you to test AIS, including connections and verification.

Download the Data and Verification API Postman collection.