Download our Insomnia and Postman collections to learn about TrueLayer and test APIs.

Our collections for REST API clients enable you to get started quickly with a variety of our products. Each collection includes preconfigured environments, variables, and requests.


  • To use the collections you need a client_id and client_secret, which you can download from Console.

  • You must download and install Postman or Insomnia installed to use the respective collections.

Payments API v3

The Payments API v3 collection contains requests for you to test payments, refunds, merchant accounts, payouts, and mandates.

The Payments API v3 collection requires Insomnia, as it supports request signing. You also need to generate public and private certificates to use this collection. Additionally, you should install the TrueLayer Insomnia Plugin.

Run in InsomniaRun in Insomnia

Data and Verification APIs

This collection contains requests for you to test data and account information, connections, and verification.

Run in PostmanRun in Postman

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