Refund payments in Console

Refund payments in Console with minimal integration required.

A refund is a payment, or multiple payments, that can add up to the total value of an initial pay-in in your merchant account.

If integrated through the TrueLayer API, refunds are issued using the /v3/payments/{id}/refunds endpoint.

However, you can also issue refunds for payments from the payments view in Console without the need to integrate with the endpoint.


A person signed into your application in Console can only issue a refund if they have:

Refund a payment

To refund a payment:

  1. Click the payment in the payments view to select it.
    The right sidebar shows details of the payment.
  2. If you are authenticated with MFA, a Refund button displays. Otherwise, you need to sign in before it displays. A modal opens in the payments view that enables you to do this. You can also sign in using the
    When you sign in with MFA, a 5 minute session starts during which you can refund payments. After 5 minutes, you need to authenticate again.
Sign in with MFA using the modal that opens

Sign in with MFA using the modal that opens

  1. A dialog displays. Enter the amount of the original payment to refund.
    The amount of money refunded cannot be more than the amount of the original payment.
  1. Click Refund.
    A confirmation modal shows the payment details. The refund also displays in the payments view if successful.