Monitor payment links

You can use webhooks or make an API call to check existing payment links.

Payment link webhooks

When a user creates a payment through a payment link, you receive the payment_link_payment_created webhook notification. This provides a variety of information about the payment, including the payment id.

If your user successfully completes a payment, or hasn't made a payment when the payment link expires, you receive the payment_link_disabled webhook notification.

You receive the above webhook notifications when a payment link is created or disabled. However, to track the progress of a payment that is in progress, you must register for payment webhook notifications and check the payment id.

Check payment links with API requests

In addition to webhooks, you can also check the status of a payment link through a GET request to the /v3/payment-links/{id} endpoint. Ensure that you provide the path parameter with the payment link id you want to check.

When you check a payment link, it can have these statuses:

  • enabled: The payment link is ready for a user to access and create a payment through.
  • disabling: The payment associated with the payment link is being authorised by the user, and the payment link will transition disabled after the authorisation flow ends.
  • disabled: The payment link is disabled, either because it expired, or was fulfilled with a successful payment.

Next steps

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