Revoke a payment mandate

Prevent your user making any new payments on a mandate.

Revoking a mandate removes the ability to make new payments using the payment mandate as the payment_method. You will still be able to retrieve information about that mandate in the future.

Once a mandate has been revoked, you cannot reinstate it. You must create a new mandate if you wish to set up recurring payments for the user. See mandate creation for details.

Authenticate your request

Like the initial mandate creation request, your request to revoke a mandate must be authenticated. This means that you must:

Make a mandate revocation request

Once authentication is ready, you can revoke the mandate. To do so, make a POST request to the /v3/mandates/{mandate_id}/revoke endpoint. You must substitute the {id} path parameter with the id of the mandate to revoke.

POST /v3/mandates/{MANDATE_ID}/revoke HTTP/1.1
Idempotency-Key: {RANDOM_UUID}
Tl-Signature: {SIGNATURE}
Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}

If you successfully revoke the mandate, you receive an HTTP 204 response.