Revoke a payment mandate

Prevent any new payments being made on a mandate.

Revoke a payment mandate

Use the following steps to revoke a payment mandate. Revoking a mandate removes the ability to make new payments using the payment mandate. However information about the mandate will still be available to retrieve in the future.


Revoked mandates cannot be reinstated

Once a mandate has been revoked, it cannot be reinstated in future. You must create a new mandate if you wish to set up recurring payments for the user. See mandate creation for details.

Build a revoke mandate request


Request authentication

All the requests in this guide should be signed on your server/backend and include an idempotency key. Learn more about API idempotency.

To revoke a payment mandate, you need to use your client_credentials access token retrieved in previous steps in your Authorization header, with the Bearer prefix.

Make a POST request to the /v3/mandates/{mandate_id}/revoke endpoint with the following query parameters:

mandate_idID of the mandate to revoke

The body of the request should be empty.

curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'Accept: application/problem+json; charset=UTF-8' \
     --header 'Idempotency-Key: testidempotencykey' \
     --header 'Tl-Signature: testrequestsignature'

If mandate revocation is successsful, then you will receive an HTTP 204 response.


Refer to the API Reference for further information on revoking a payment mandate.