Payments UI customisation

You can customise your payments authorisation flow in Console.

The Payments UI Customisation page in Console contains a variety of options. Use these to change the appearance of your payment user authorisation flow within the hosted payment page, embedded payment page, or payment links.

A preview of your payment authorisation flow displays on the right-hand side of the screen. Use this to check your UI updates before you click Save in the top-left to save your changes.

In the bar at the top edge of the preview, you can:

  • Switch between a desktop, portrait mobile, and landscape mobile preview.
  • Switch between a preview of the Provider selection, Review payment, Loader, and No search result screens.
  • Change the amount of zoom of the preview.

You can click and enter text within the preview to test the user experience.

This table contains all of the UI elements you can customise in Console.

UI customisation optionDescription
Your app nameThe name of your app. This displays at the bottom of the provider selection screen and on the payment review screen.

If Your app name is the same as your payee account name, the two are merged and display as one on the payment review screen.
LogoThe logo that displays for your app next to Your app name.

To change the colour of elements on your payment authorisation screen, you can use hash parameters in your HPP link.