Get your merchant account transactions or payment sources

Using an API call, see a list of payments in and out of your merchant account.

We call payments into or out of a merchant account transactions.

Get a list of transactions

Make a GET call to the /v3/merchant-accounts/{id}/transactions endpoint, and additionally include the following parameters to state an interval for the list:

  • from: Timestamp as a string for the start of the range you are querying.
  • to: Timestamp as a string for the end of the range you are querying.

The following example shows what the URI can look like:


Difference between transaction and payment IDs

Payment IDTransaction ID
ID of the payment that TrueLayer initiates with the remitter bank.ID of the transaction received into the beneficiary merchant account.

If a merchant account transaction wasn't initiated through TrueLayer, the transaction won't have an associated payment ID.

A payment into a merchant account always has a transaction ID associated with it in the system. Note that the transaction ID returned from a transaction resource is unique and not the same as a payment ID.



This does not apply to payouts. The payout ID and the ID of the associated transaction are identical.

Retrieve payment sources for a merchant account

You can use the /v3/merchant-accounts/{id}/payment-sources endpoint to retrieve all of the payment sources that have paid into a merchant account.

In the response, this endpoint returns the following information for each payment source:

  • The payment source id, which you can use to initiate a closed-loop payout.
  • The name of the account holder.
  • The account identifier, or payment details, used for the payment.