Process refunds in WooCommerce

Use TrueLayer to refund a payment quickly.

The TrueLayer plugin enables you to refund payments within the WooCommerce app.

There are two places that you can do this:

  • in the WooCommerce plugin
  • in Console.

Refund a payment and track its status in WooCommerce

  1. Go to TrueLayer > Orders.
    On this page, you can see all your recent orders and track their status.
  2. Click on the order that you want to refund.
  3. Set the refund amount.
    You can either set an amount that you want to refund yourself or use the Qty field to refund the whole value of a specific product or service. (For example, if someone orders two plants and you want to refund one of them, set the Qty to 1.)
  4. Click on Refund with TrueLayer to automatically refund the payment.


To ensure that your refund processes, you must click the Refund with TrueLayer button and not the Refund payment manually button.

Refund a payment in Console

  1. Go to Console. Ensure that you are in the correct environment (ie that Live is toggled in the top right).
  2. Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), if you haven't already.
    You need to enable multi-factor authentication to process refunds. For help with doing this, see Set up MFA below.
  3. Go to Payments > Payments. Here you will be able to see all the payments and payouts in your account.
  4. Click on the payment that you want to refund. Click Refund payment at the top of the window that opens to the right.
  5. A dialog displays. Enter the amount of the original payment to refund.
    The amount of money refunded cannot be more than the amount of the original payment.

Set up MFA

  1. Click the icon in the top-right corner when signed into Console, and go to User settings.
  2. Select Multi-factor authentication > Configure MFA.
  3. Set up authentication with an authenticator app or security key.
    Follow the instructions on the screen to do this.

Track refund status

Go to TrueLayer > Orders and click on the order you want to track. Navigate to the Order notes section in the bottom right to see automatic updates on your refund.

You can also write notes to yourself about that order in this section, using the input field below.