Create a Console account

Learn how to set up your TrueLayer Console account.

To start your development journey, create an account on Console. Our back office platform allows you to create applications, get API keys, choose the products you want to integrate with, and successfully set up an open banking integration.

In this guide, you'll set up an app to start testing with our products.

Sign up to Console

Register for Console by using single sign-on (using your Google or GitHub accounts), or with your email address and password. You'll be guided through our registration wizard straight away.


Need any help?

If you're stuck anywhere during your integration process, or you have a question that needs answering, check out our Help Centre for more information.

Now you've created your Console account, create an application and get your keys to start using our APIs.

Create an app

Use the window in Console to name your application. By default, Console opens in the sandbox environment, so you can use this application to test your integration.

You can also click the Create App + button at the top of the screen to create a new app.


Test with confidence

By default, when you create a new Console account, you'll be in our sandbox environment. In sandbox, you can test your integration without live bank accounts — so without moving any real money.

Download your client ID

A client_id is a unique string that identifies you as a client. You need to set up a new client_id for every application you create. You cannot change your client_id string once you've created it.

Your client_id must be between 4 and 30 lowercase characters, including letters and numbers. You can't use special characters. Include the name of your business or a variation on it.

Your sandbox account client_id will always have the prefix sandbox-. You can't add this prefix to a live account client_id. Sandbox client credentials can only create sandbox access_tokens, which can only be used to access sandbox resources.

Download your client secret

A client_secret is a secret key used to authenticate your application. Store this value safely: you'll need it to make API calls. Like your client_ids, your live and sandbox client_secrets are slightly different.


You can use sandbox API endpoints to access information (payments, withdrawals, account data, and more) in sandbox. Sandbox endpoints are very similar to live endpoints, but have different domains.


To retrieve any data or make a test payment, you'll need a data or payments access_token. Read more about these in our data and payments quick start guides.


Sandbox environment limitations

Sandbox is intended to facilitate API testing. It does not include a full bank simulation with consistent bank accounts.

(Optional) Add team members

If you want, you can add people to your application. Click the Team Members button on the left-hand navigation panel to do so.

Next steps

Start collecting sandbox data, or make your first test payment, with these guides: