Quickstart guides

A range of guides to help you quickly learn about different TrueLayer products.

If you're completely new to TrueLayer, our quickstart guides are designed to help you get up and running in sandbox, no coding knowledge required.

Before you start, download either the Postman or Insomnia REST API client. This is because our guides use collections, which are a series of preconfigured API requests with variables you can adjust to make testing and repeated requests simpler.

Create a Console account

Do this first.

This guide shows you how to get set up in Console. In Console you can set up your client_id and client_secret: you need these to authorise your requests to any API. You can perform other tasks in Console, such as customising auth links, managing your merchant accounts, and more.

Make a test payment

Make a test payment with the Payments API v3. It uses Insomnia to make signing requests simpler, so you can quickly experiment with and test the payments flow.

Retrieve test bank data

Configure our Data API Postman collection and test a variety of Data API requests.