⚡️ Quickstart guides

Learn how to get started quickly.

Our quickstart guides use Insomnia and Postman, REST API clients. These can help you get started making API requests quickly, learning and experimenting with how our APIs work. Our collections contain preconfigured requests and simplify the authentication process.

This guide explains how to sign up for Console and some follow-up tasks you can perform.

Console is our platform where you generate the client_id and client_secret that you need to make requests to our APIs. You also upload your public key to Console to secure requests further. As such, creating a Console account is the first step to using any of our APIs.

In addition, Console provides a UI to perform a range of useful functions for both technical and non-technical users. You can customise user interfaces, access the details of your merchant accounts, view a table of payments you made, refund payments and more.

This guide shows you how to make a pay-in to your merchant account in the sandbox environment. You also authorise the payment in the same way a user would, using our mock bank. You can also test webhooks and endpoints to check the status of a payment as it progresses through the flow.

As this is a pay-in to a merchant account, it's the first step of a closed-loop payout or refund.

This guide follows on from making a test payment. You use the payment source defined when you made the test payment as the beneficiary of this payout. This means the payout is made to the same bank details as the initial pay-in to your merchant account, and has a simplified flow.

This guide shows you how to make a payout to external account details. These can be any valid SCAN or IBAN details, but the flow differs slightly for UK and EU payouts.

Our Signup+ API helps you to confirm a user's personal details through our API. You can then use the name and address the API returns to simplify your signup flow, filling in fields and reducing friction.

Signup+ can be used in several ways, but this guide explains how to use it with our Data add-on. You use the account_id that you received after retrieving user data through the Data API.

This guide takes you through how to retrieve sample financial data in the sandbox environment, using our Data API Postman collection.

The Data API add-on enables you retrieve a user's financial data such as accounts and transactions. You can retrieve data either for a user's cards or accounts.