Payments API v3: features

Migrate to the Payments v3 from older versions to unlock new features and capabilities.

Single integrationExpand your product suite with a single API that connects you to all Payments products and features.

It's easy to add any new TrueLayer product, and everything that TrueLayer improves and builds will be fully supported and available in v3.
Make expanding coverage simpleWith pre-built user authorisation UI/UX flows, adding new country coverage is very simple.

Access all Payments products and features across the UK and Europe through one API and add new geographies with no additional integrations or compliance management.
TrueLayer-built web and native user interfacesv3 incorporates out-of-the-box UX/UI user authorisation flow components, built specifically to support web and mobile user interfaces.

Embedded Payment Page
Make adding instant bank payments to your website easy with prebuilt UIs which are embedded directly into your web page.

Hosted Payment Page
Make adding instant bank payments to your website easy with prebuilt UIs that speed up the integration process.

Mobile SDKs
Simplify the process of adding instant bank payments to your mobile app with prebuilt UIs designed for iOS and Android.
Merchant account and new improved payment dashboardAutomate reconciliation processes and get full visibility of your payment statuses and details.
Instant payment withdrawals and refundsSend instant refunds and withdrawals to your customers.
Payout retriesPayout retries increase the likelihood that your users receive payouts instantly, with fallbacks in case instant payouts aren't available.
Ready for Signup+Signup+ works with Payments v3 to streamline onboarding your customers with a single payment.
Ready for VRPReduce costs, fraud, and friction with variable recurring payments.
Request and webhook signature librariesBackend libraries for most languages to support easy configuration of API request signing, and for verifying webhook signatures.
Improved payment statuses and failure reasonsPayments v3 returns improved and more comprehensive payment status details, including in webhooks.

For failed states, more granular data is returned about where the payment failed in its lifecycle and the failure reason.
SCAN returned for UK banks Where supported, a sort code and account number for the payment source are also returned for pay-ins into external accounts.
Provider downtimePayment creation requests in Payments v3 contain information about whether a provider is currently available. Use this information to create a user interface that advises customers of downtime and maximises conversion.
Express checkoutEnable quick higher converting payments journeys powered by our personalization services that offer streamlined payment experiences for users.
Suspense accountsEnsure only verified transactions will reach your merchant account with name or date of birth checking. Unverified transactions are automatically refunded before they enter your account.
Payment linksProgrammatically generate a secure link for ecommerce and allow your user to pay using our hosted payments page.
Sweeping in ConsoleSend money automatically from your merchant account to a business account you prefer. Choose when and how much you want to sweep.
Low balance notificationsGet notified via webhook when you are approaching or below a threshold you set of money in your merchant account, and when you top up.
Credit notificationsDefine your specified risk tolerance and receive webhooks that inform you when you can consider a payment complete. This means you can credit customer accounts before payments settle, improving your customers' experiences.
payment_settlement_stalled webhookThis optional webhook informs you if a payment has not settled after a specific amount of time (which you set when you initially enable the webhook).

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