Account data reference

The four types of account we return, and all possible attributes of an account.

You can find information about a user's finances through their accounts. We currently support four account types:

  • TRANSACTION: A transaction account is a checking account or current account. It is an account commonly used for everyday transactions. Can earn little or no interest. Also could be linked to a short term lending product (such as an overdraft).
  • SAVINGS: An account that accrues interest at an agreed rate and interval. Can have restrictions around withdrawal of funds.
  • BUSINESS_TRANSACTION: A transaction account for a business.
  • BUSINESS_SAVINGS: A savings account for a business.

Account model

Account types can include the following properties:

AttributeTypeAlways returned?Description
account_idstringYesUnique identifier of the account
account_typestringYesType of the account
account_number.ibanstringReturned by internal savings accounts on credential sharingISO 13616-1:2007 international bank number
account_number.numberstringReturned for UK accountsBank account number
account_number.sort_codestringReturned for UK accountsUnited Kingdom SORT code
account_number.swift_bicstringYesISO 9362:2009 Business Identifier Codes
account_number.routing_numberstringReturned for US-based accountsRouting transit number
currencystringYesISO 4217 alpha-3 currency code of the account
display_namestringYesHuman-readable name of the account
update_timestampdatetimeYesLast update time of the account information
provider.display_namestringDeprecatedDisplay name for the provider
provider.logo_uristringDeprecatedURI for the provider logo
provider.provider_idstringYesUnique identifier for the provider