Payments settings

Manage the public key and webhook URIs for your payments integration in Console.

The Settings page within the Payments section on Console contains essential configurations for your payments integration. The settings that display on this page relate to the app you currently have open.

Signing keys

In order to securely sign your requests made through your payments integration, you need to upload a public key for your application. This is used in conjunction with a private key sent with your payment request to authenticate requests.

To upload a public key:

  1. Click the + button to the right of the Signing keys section.
  2. In the system dialog that displays, select your public key file.

You can upload multiple public keys. Once you've uploaded a key, you can:

  • Copy your KID to your clipboard by clicking the icon to the right of it.
  • Click the bin icon to the right of your public key to delete it from your app.
  • Click the download icon to the right of your public key to download a copy.

Webhook URI

You can specify a webhook URI for your payments integration. Use this to receive webhook notifications, which you can use to monitor your payments. Each application and client_id can only have one webhook URI for payments.

To specify your webhook URI:

  1. Click the edit icon to the right of the example webhook URI.
  2. Enter a webhook URI.
    This must be in a valid URI format.
  3. Click the tick icon to the right of your URI to confirm your selection.