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Quickstart guides and collections

Want to start testing straight away? Read our quickstart guides and use our collections to get up and running as quickly as possible.

Integration checklists

Our integration checklists for payments and payouts guide you through every step you need to get live with TrueLayer.

Ecommerce plugins

Use TrueLayer for payments in your webshop with our plugins for WooCommerce, Shopify and Magento.


Explore TrueLayer's products, what they can do and how to integrate them.



Accept and send instant bank payments in any app or website.



Improve customer satisfaction by speeding up withdrawals, refunds and payouts.



Streamline onboarding with a single payment.



Reduce costs, fraud and friction with variable recurring payments — powered by open banking.


Enhance your TrueLayer payments with our add-ons.



Get real-time access to account, balance, transaction, and identity data using open banking AIS.



Verify your customer’s account details and ownership in seconds using their bank app.

Integration checklists

Use our integration checklists to ensure your integrations are complete. These checklists contain every step required to integrate these products, so you can ensure you're including everything needed in your integration.


Closed-loop payment integration checklist

Learn every step required to create a closed-loop payment, where a user pays into your merchant account and you then make a payment back to that user.


Open-loop payout integration checklist

Learn every step required to create a open-loop payout, where you make a payment from your merchant to any other account.

User experience and interface guides

Our guides to user experience and user interface explain how you can optimise your checkout for new or returning users and how to design an effective payment authorisation flow .

Low and no-code integrations

  • Ecommerce plugins: complete guides for integrating TrueLayer payments into your eshop. Read the plugins overview section first, then go to the guide for your specific plugin:


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