iOS SDK release history

Learn about the differences between each version of the iOS SDK.

2.2.011 January 2023- Adds support Objective-C via Swift Package Manager.
2.1.023 December 2022- Adds support for Objective-C via Cocoapods
2.0.022 November 2022- Introduces recurring payment mandates (VRP)
- Deprecates the push presentation style.
- Some method names have changed. Xcode should handle these changes for you automatically. If you experience any problems, see our migration guide.
1.4.210 November 2022- Fix for a bug that affected the country selection screen on iOS 15.0 only.
1.4.120 October 2022- Fix for a bug affecting the 'push' presentation method in version 1.4.0.
1.4.011 October 2022- Adds support to fetch the status of a payment, given its identifier and resource token.
- Adds "Recently selected" feature, so returning users can quickly find the branch they used before, for banks that require it.
- Fixed navigation bar background colour for iOS 15+.
1.3.022 September 2022- Support for more German banks, with the introduction of embedded authentication flows.
- New wait result, in case the user abandons the SDK screen during a decoupled authentication action. In this case, the payment may or may not complete - check the webhooks to obtain the payment status.
1.2.06 September 2022- Improved usability for IBAN entry form
- Support for France, with the introduction of branch selection.
- Bug fixes.
1.1.023 August 2022- Support for Cancel Payment, so you can understand when a user cancels the payment.
- Bug fixes, including some small necessary breaking changes. See release 1.1.0 for details.
1.0.03 August 2022- Breaking change: new methods to configure and process payments. See the migration guide for detail.
- Code improvements throughout
1.0.0-beta.524 May 2022- Add error handling for the legals endpoint
- Support for custom legal text
1.0.0-beta.42 May 2022- Support for Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Lithuania.
- IBAN entry form, for providers who require it.
- Support for pre-selected provider IDs.
1.0.0-beta.38 Apr 2022cocoapods-downloader updated from from 1.5.1 to 1.6.3
1.0.0-beta.229 Mar 2022- Support for Ireland
- Improved search
1.0.0-beta.13 Feb 2022Initial SDK release