iOS SDK release history

A timeline of updates to the iOS SDK. Check back for future release notes.

3.1.08 April 2024- Improved the UI for users to learn more about how VRP mandates work.

- Added an a new resultShown enum to the processSinglePayment and processMandate completion handlers. This tells you which payment or mandate result was shown to the user if the result screen is enabled.
- Users can now search for countries when selecting a provider by using a 2- or 3-letter country code.
- Branch searching has been improved for users to make it easier to find an intended branch.
- Default colours for primary and secondary buttons have been changed.
- An error now displays in rare cases where there is no additional input available for a user to select.
3.0.129 February- Added the payment and mandate result screen to the Objective-C. This is enabled throughshouldShowResultScreen in the @objc TrueLayerSinglePaymentPreferences and @objc TrueLayerMandatePreferences objects (which has a default value is true). When enabled, a result screen is displayed at the end of the payment or mandate authorisation flow. When the user is redirected back to your app from the bank, we recommend that you re-invoke the TrueLayer SDK to display the result screen, which shows user the status of their payment or mandate.- Added timeout configuration for the payment and mandate result screen. You can configure this through maximumResultScreenTimeout in the @objc TrueLayerSinglePaymentPreferences and @objc TrueLayerMandatePreferences objects. This is the maximum timeout for the payment or mandate result screen, until a final status. Once reached, the user is shown a button to dismiss the SDK and return to your app (if not final status was reached, the result is shown as in progress). The default timeout is 3 seconds, and maximum is 10 seconds.
3.0.023 February 2024- Introduced both a payment and mandate result screen for the iOS SDK.
This is enabled by default and you need to explicitly disable it.

- The position of the merchant and bank icons was swapped on the payment confirmation screen.
- The UI now displays Signup+ specific wording when signupplus is specified as a related_product at payment creation.
- Made optimisations to the decoupled authorisation flow for payments in Spain.
- Added localisation for the Italian language.
- Added a default merchant logo if one hasn't been uploaded in Console.
2.7.111 December 2023- Fixed an issue where the SDK would rarely cause a crash in the host app due to the TrueLayerUI _dispatch_semaphore_dispose error.

- Fixed an issue where the SDK would retain payment views in memory after dismissal.
2.7.07 September 2023- Added the ability to save or remove accounts, for users who decide to save their account with TrueLayer for future payments.

- Recently used providers are combined into the same section as other providers on the provider selection list.
- For providers that support it in Europe, the user can select between the SEPA Credit or SEPA Instant payment schemes. To enable this, ensure that you set scheme_selection to user_selected at payment creation.
- Refinements to the user interface.
2.6.019 June 2023- When selecting a provider, users can now search for banks and branches at the same time.

- If a preselected provider is currently unavailable, the SDK now displays this.
- Fixed a loader that didn't display when making certain network calls.
2.5.02 May 2023New features:

- A new screen in the payment flow for selected banks in France and Finland, which displays for international payments. This screen primes new users on how to enable international payments from their bank.
- Providers are now sorted by their market share on the provider selection screen.
- If a provider is currently unavailable, this now displays on the provider selection screen before a user selects them.
- PISP license holders who process payments under their own certificate can now choose to remove TrueLayer branding from the user interface. Contact us to request this feature.New error cases:- invalidRedirectURI error case to TrueLayer.Payments.Models.Mandate.Error and TrueLayer.Payments.Models.SinglePayment.Error.

- providerOffline error case to TrueLayer.Payments.Models.Mandate.Error and TrueLayer.Payments.Models.SinglePayment.Error. This is only thrown only if the provider is pre-selected.
2.4.020 March 2023- Adds support for Signup+ transactions via a new parameter useCase in the TrueLayer.Payments.Models.SinglePayment.Preferences initializer.

- Fix for a UI bug that prevented users from using the SDK when accessibility was set > AX3.
- Minor UI fixes.
2.3.023 February 2023General enhancements which aim to increase conversion in Germany:

- IBAN validation on device to reduce the chance of error when an IBAN is inserted.
- Automatic retries on 500 errors, to reduce the chance of error if the server recovers.
- Support for alternative search values to make it easer for users to find their banks (for example, BLZ with German banks).

Other changes:

- Bank details now display for VRP mandate flows.
- Support for customising the SDK with the Objective-C layer.
2.2.011 January 2023- Adds support Objective-C via Swift Package Manager.
2.1.023 December 2022- Adds support for Objective-C via Cocoapods.
2.0.022 November 2022- Introduces recurring payment mandates (VRP)

- Deprecates the push presentation style.
- Some method names have changed. Xcode should handle these changes for you automatically. If you experience any problems, see our migration guide.
1.4.210 November 2022- Fix for a bug that affected the country selection screen on iOS 15.0 only.
1.4.120 October 2022- Fix for a bug affecting the 'push' presentation method in version 1.4.0.
1.4.011 October 2022- Adds support to fetch the status of a payment, given its identifier and resource token.

- Adds "Recently selected" feature, so returning users can quickly find the branch they used before, for banks that require it.
- Fixed navigation bar background colour for iOS 15+.
1.3.022 September 2022- Support for more German banks, with the introduction of embedded authentication flows.

- New wait result, in case the user abandons the SDK screen during a decoupled authentication action. In this case, the payment may or may not complete - check the webhooks to obtain the payment status.
1.2.06 September 2022- Improved usability for IBAN entry form

- Support for France, with the introduction of branch selection.
- Bug fixes.
1.1.023 August 2022- Support for Cancel Payment, so you can understand when a user cancels the payment.

- Bug fixes, including some small necessary breaking changes. See release 1.1.0 for details.
1.0.03 August 2022- Breaking change: new methods to configure and process payments. See the migration guide for detail.

- Code improvements throughout
1.0.0-beta.524 May 2022- Add error handling for the legals endpoint

- Support for custom legal text
1.0.0-beta.42 May 2022- Support for Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal and Lithuania.

- IBAN entry form, for providers who require it.
- Support for pre-selected provider IDs.
1.0.0-beta.38 Apr 2022cocoapods-downloader updated from from 1.5.1 to 1.6.3
1.0.0-beta.229 Mar 2022- Support for Ireland

- Improved search
1.0.0-beta.13 Feb 2022Initial SDK release