[Plugins] Sweep money between your business and merchant accounts

To move money between your TrueLayer merchant account and another business account that you own, set up sweeping in Console.

You can transfer money from your merchant account into your business bank account in Console. These payments settle instantly, and they are free to make.

Set an amount to sweep into your bank account at regular intervals, for example every day or every week. We recommend leaving enough money in your merchant account for you to process refunds straight from Console.

Before you start

  • You must have a role of either Owner or Admin in Console.
  • We need to verify your business bank account details for KYC purposes. This must be done for each merchant account you want to set up sweeping for. Get in touch with us as early as possible in the testing process to enable this.

Enable sweeping

To set up sweeping:

  1. Sign in to Console and go to Payments icon in the left navigation bar. The Payments Quick Start page displays.
  2. Select Payments > Merchant Account.
    Your GBP and EUR merchant accounts display along with their historical balances.
  3. Select the Merchant Account Sweeping tab under your merchant accounts.
    Use the field and dropdown to set up sweeping. If not, you need to verify your bank details.
  4. To define how much and how often you want to sweep:
    1. Enter a minimum value to sweep from your merchant account to your business account.
    2. Select a frequency from DailyWeekly, or Fortnightly to sweep funds at.
      Funds are always swept at 10:00 UTC on a Monday if you select Weekly or Fortnightly.
  5. Select Set up merchant account sweeping.
    Money is automatically transferred from your merchant account to your business account in line with your settings.

Edit your sweeping settings by clicking the Edit icon to the right of your sweeping settings. To delete your settings, click Delete.