React Native SDK release history

A timeline of updates to the React Native SDK. Check back for future release notes.

2.1.022 April 2024- This version of the React Native SDK has been updated to use the underlying Android and iOS SDK version 3.1.0.

- The ResultShown property was added to the ProcessorResult type. This means you can see the payment or mandate result screen displayed to the user.
2.0.06 March 2024- The introduction of the payment and mandate result screen. This is enabled by default and you need to explicitly disable it.

- The UI now displays Signup+ specific wording when signupplus is specified as a related_product at payment creation.
- Made optimisations to the decoupled authorisation flow for payments in Spain.
- Added localisation for the Italian language.
- Added a default merchant logo if one hasn't been uploaded in Console.
1.4.014 Dec 2023- When selecting a provider, users can now search for banks and branches at the same time.

- For providers that support it in Europe, the user can select between the SEPA Credit or SEPA Instant payment schemes. To enable this, ensure that you set scheme_selection to user_selected at payment creation.
- Users can now use previously saved accounts for a faster payment flow.
- The SDK now has a refreshed user interface.
1.3.116 May 2023New features:

- A new screen in the payment flow for selected banks in France and Finland, which displays for international payments. This screen primes new users on how to enable international payments from their bank.

- If a provider is currently unavailable, this now displays on the provider selection screen before a user selects them.
- PISP license holders who process payments under their own certificate can now choose to remove TrueLayer branding from the user interface. Contact us to request this feature.
1.2.021 March 2023Adds support for Signup+
1.1.027 February 2023Adds the ability to customise colours
1.0.011 January 2023First release