Bank limits [Payments V2]

Learn about the limits different banks place on how much money is transferred through online banking.

Each bank has its own limits on how much money can be transferred using online banking. These limits also apply to their open banking payment APIs.

To find out about a specific bank's limits, see the Supported Providers page on Console.

Rate Limits

A rate limit is a control that banks place to protect their users from fraudulent withdrawals. The list allows either a certain number of payments or a maximum aggregate payment amount per time period (such as one hour or one day).

Banks don't make these limits public as the information can be misused for fraud. When you're testing bank payments, make sure that you:

  • Don't make an excessive number of payments from the same account within a short time period.
  • You can see if it isn't possible to make a successful payment on the authorisation screen. To unblock the account, contact the bank's support team.