Migrating to the Payments API v3: introduction

An introduction to Payments v3, the latest version of our Payments API.

Scope of this guide

Welcome to the TrueLayer Payments API v3 migration guide.

This is designed to introduce you to the TrueLayer Payments v3 APIs, and how to migrate from Payments Legacy APIs (Payments v1, Payments v2, Payouts v1, PayDirect) to Payments API v3.

Payments API v3 is the latest version of the TrueLayer Payments APIs. It is a single interface to access all of TrueLayer's Payments products in all supported geographies.

Familiarize yourself with Payments API v3 concepts and the changes in the latest version of the TrueLayer payments in Console.

You can then explore more in details Payments v3 components and API syntax here:

In order to take advantage of these new features and get the best possible experience with our product, we strongly recommend that all users upgrade to v3 as soon as possible. But we understand that migration can sometimes be a challenging process. That's why we've put together this guide to help you make the transition smooth.

We hope this guide will help you navigate the migration process and take full advantage of all the new features and improvements in the latest version.

Please start from the Payments v3 APIs new requirements page.

Then, you can proceed to one of the migration guides relative to the current version of your APIs:

If you have any questions or encounter any issues along the way, please to reach out to our support team for help.

When migrating from a previous version, it’s important to acknowledge the new requirements and concepts introduced in Payments v3. Regardless of which version you are migrating from, please go through the Payments v3 requirements page before proceeding.