Introduction to TrueLayer products

Learn about TrueLayer's different products and how to get started with them.

At TrueLayer, we offer PIS and AIS products and add-ons that enable you to:

  • receive and send payments
  • safely access your users' account data

All our Payments products (Payments, Payouts, VRP, Signup+) run on the Payments API v3. This means that these products have parts of their configuration in common. For example, the authentication process is shared across all Payments products.

Our add-ons run on the Data API and Verification API.

To use any TrueLayer product, you must create a Console account.

Payments enables you to accept secure and highly configurable payments within your site or app. It has a range of customisable user interfaces optimised to increase conversion and improve your returning customer experience.

You can accept payments from across Europe and the UK, using the fastest possible payment infrastructure.

Payouts enables you to pay money out from your merchant account to your end users via your site or app.

You can also refund payments made through the Payments product in a single API call.

Payouts and refunds are useful for businesses that need to pay customers. For example, investment and financial service applications or iGaming merchants. Payouts and refunds can also greatly improve the customer experience in ecommerce businesses, by ensuring you can make refunds quickly and securely.

VRP, or variable recurring payments, enables you to accept payments on an ongoing basis as long as they fall within certain rules, or constraints.

There are two kinds of VRP:

  • sweeping
  • commercial

To use VRP, you create a mandate which the user must consent to. A mandate automatically allows payments to be taken from your user's account at particular intervals. These payments are very similar to pay-ins, except that the user does not need to authorise each one individually.

You can use VRP in situations where you need to accept payments from a customer regularly. For example, to move money between your customers' bank accounts easily.

Signup+ enables your user to sign up for a service with a payment.

You collect user details using the id of a settled payment created with the Payments API v3. You can also use AIS to create a payment which settles only if the remitter is more than 18 years old.

Signup+ is useful if you need to confirm your user's identity before a payment. For example in industries where you need to identify a customer's age or identity before payment, such as pharmaceutical, financial services, or iGaming businesses.


TrueLayer offers two add-ons that you can use with our products, but are not offered as standalone products.

The Data add-on enables you to securely access your users' account data. Their includes their account and cards details, balances, and the transaction information associated with their accounts. You user must give informed consent for you to access this data for them.

You can use the Data add-on for services such as aggregating financial data and offering advice.

Our Verification add-on enables you to check that the name a user provides you with matches the name on record with their bank.

The TrueLayer Console is our back office platform. In Console you can set key variables that you will need to accept payments or payouts, build auth links to use for Data requests, and set customisation options across products and add-ons.

Console also contains a range of features that can be used by non-developers in your organisation to perform tasks such as reporting or refunding payments.

For more on Console functionality, see the Console section in our documentation.