Data UI customisation

You can customise your Data API user authentication flow in Console.

The Data API UI Customisation page in Console enables you to change the appearance of your Data user authentication flow.

A preview of your authentication flow displays on the right-hand side of the screen. Use this to check your UI updates before you click Save in the top-left to save your changes.

The UI customisation page in Console.

The UI customisation page in Console.

In the bar at the top edge of the preview, you can:

  • Switch between a desktop and mobile preview.
  • Switch between previews of the Consent and Provider selection screens.
  • Zoom into and out of the preview.

You can click and enter text within the preview to test the user experience.

This table contains all of the UI elements you can customise in Console.

UI customisation optionDescription
Your app nameThe name of your app. This displays in the consent screen, explaining what data is collected through TrueLayer.
LogoThe logo that displays at the top of the consent and provider selection screens.
Cancellation URIThe URI that your user is taken to if they close the authentication flow without completing it.
Data use descriptionThe wording explaining why TrueLayer needs permission to access user data, which displays under the heading What details am I sharing? in the authentication flow.

You can either select an option from the dropdown menu, or enter a custom description.
Custom coloursThe colours used for different elements in the authentication flow. Change these colours by either entering a hex code or clicking the colour icons to use a colour picker.

The different colour options are:

- Primary: The colour of the flow's background on desktop.
- Secondary: The colour of the heading and button on the consent collection screen, and the cancellation dialog.
- Tertiary: The colour of the provider search field and the hover state of provider icons.