Integrate Signup+

You can integrate Signup+ to be used with Payments (PIS), or with Data (AIS).

You can choose to integrate Signup+ with Data, Payments or VRP. Usually we recommend choosing an integration that uses a product you already have: for example, use Signup+ with Payments if you're already using single payments.

Whichever integration you choose, you need a client_id and client_secret to integrate, which you can get when you sign up for an account on Console. To enable Signup+ for your client_id in the live environment, contact support.

Different integration paths

Follow the links below to learn more about each integration path.

Payments only integration

This flow retrieves user data for signup through the payment id generated when you create a payment with the Payments API v3.

The payments only flow can also be referred to as the PISflow. This flow is ideal for providers who can offer regulated payment initiation services.

Learn how to use Signup+ as part of a payments integration.

Data only integration

In this flow, you collect user data for signup through our Data API. When a user first signs up and links their preferred bank account, you call the /accounts endpoint and receive information about them. The data only flow is also known as the AIS flow.

Learn how to use Signup+ as part of a Data API integration.

Variable recurring payments integration

This flow retrieves user data for signup through the mandate id generated when you set up a VRP mandate.

Learn how to use Signup+ as part of a VRP integration.

Signup+ sandbox

When you test Signup+ in our sandbox environment, you can test different outcomes by using different values in your requests. For example, the value of a payment can determine whether your request succeeds or fails.

Our Signup+ sandbox guide explains the different testing scenarios the sandbox supports.

Finnish providers integration

Signup+ is supported by all Finnish banking providers. The integration process is mostly the same as our payments only integration, but you need to pass an authorization_reference you get from the banking provider.

Learn about the differences when you integrate Signup+ in Finland.