Test VRPs in sandbox

Mock credentials and testing guidelines for variable recurring payments.

Use our sandbox environment to test our APIs before going live. Sandbox is identical to the live environment, except that no money actually moves. This means that you will not be able to see end-to-end references in action. For more information about references, see [our guide].

Use the NatWest sandbox provider (ob-natwest-vrp-sandbox) to test mandate authorisation.

To authorise a mandate on the NatWest authentication page, use the details below:

Customer numberPIN
123456789012572 / 436



The Insomnia collection for Payments v3 contains preconfigured API requests to get you testing as quickly as possible.

Test the remitter object

If you want to test the optional remitter object, you must use one of two NatWest Sandbox accounts to do so. Otherwise, mandate creation will fail.

Use one of these sets of account identifiers:

Account numberSort code

You will see the sandbox account on the NatWest page after authorisation.