Mandate result screen for mobile

TrueLayer's web authorisation UIs feature a mandate result screen that informs your customers about their mandate.

After your user authorises a mandate through the Android, iOS, or React Native SDK, a result screen informs them whether the mandate was successful, unsuccessful, or if it's in progress. This is enabled by default, but you can disable it in each SDK.

The mandate result screen means that you don't have to render a result screen based on the result of mandate webhooks (although you should still use them to check the progress of your payment). It can accommodate all possible, mandate results, is fully compliant with all mandate regulations, and requires no extra development.

You cannot customise the style of the mandate result screen, and it doesn't inherit any style choices you've made for a mobile SDK.

When the mandate result screen displays

The mandate result screen displays after a user has attempted to authorise a mandate:

  • In a successful mandate creation request, it displays after the mandate enters the authorized status, before the user is redirected to your redirect_uri.
  • In a failed mandate creation request, it displays after mandate creation fails, from whatever part of the authorisation flow it failed at.

On the mandate result screen, the user sees a button reading either Done or Go back, based on whether the mandate creation succeeded or failed. When they click this, they're taken to the redirect_uri that you provided when you initialised the mobile SDK, which is also set in Console.

Possible mandate results

This interactive window displays a preview of how the mandate result screen displays in the mobile SDKs, along with every possible mandate result screen.

This table contains the full list of possible mandate result screens, and the mandate statuses and failure reasons they relate to.

Main text in resultExplanationApplicable statuses or failure reasons
All DoneYou’ve linked {bank name} to {merchant name}.authorized
In progressWe’re linking your bank. There’s no need to wait here, you can return to {merchant name}.authorizing
That didn't workWe couldn’t link your bank. Please go back to {merchant name} and change bank or try again.All mandate failure reasons: