Mobile pay-in authorisation UIs

Learn about the TrueLayer SDKs for iOS and Android, and how to configure them.

The TrueLayer SDKs for iOS and Android enable you to add a customisable user interface to your app for open banking payments and mandates.

They present native screens that allow your user to select their bank and consent to the payment or mandate. Then, they redirect users to their banking app or website for authorisation.

They also handle network requests and errors.

Learn more about using TrueLayer's SDKs:

  • Configure and create a payment or mandate with the Android and iOS SDKs.
  • Learn how to test the payment flow between your app and bank apps on Android.
  • Customise and style the Android and iOS SDKs to match the look and feel of your brand.
  • See the Android SDK and iOS SDK release history.


EU payments

We recommend mobile SDKs for all mobile payments, particularly for accepting payments in the EU. The additional considerations needed for EUR payments are all included within the hosted and embedded payments pages, including all auth flows and optimised provider search. No extra development needed.