Quickstart: Get started with TrueLayer

Get up and running in sandbox with a range of TrueLayer products.

Use our ready-made collections of API requests, paired with the quickstart guides for your TrueLayer products, to start testing in sandbox quickly. To use any of our products you will also need an account on Console: our back office platform where you can manage integrations and payments.

1. Download collections

Before you start, download either the Insomnia (payments) or Postman (Data) REST API client.

This is because our guides use collections: sets of preconfigured API requests with variables you can adjust to simplify testing and repeated requests.

2. Create a Console account and merchant account

Console is our back office platform that you can use to manage your credentials, merchant accounts and integrations, along with other useful features. Learn how to get set up in Console.

As a new user, one of the first things that you do in Console is set up your client_id and client_secret. You need these to authorise your requests to any API.

You will also create at least one merchant account, depending on what currencies you want to use. This merchant account is a TrueLayer-managed bank account that you receive payments into (and pay out of, if you are using payouts). As part of preparing to go live, you link your merchant account to another business bank account to move money between them.

Other tasks you can perform in Console include, but aren't limited to:

  • Customising the UI your users see when they make a payment.
  • Customising auth links for the Data add-on.
  • Managing your merchant accounts.
  • Refunding payments.

After you have set up Console, you can use collections alongside the quick start guides to start making test API requests.

3. Make a test payment or payout

Make a test payment with the Payments API v3. It uses Insomnia to make signing requests simpler, so you can quickly experiment with and test the payments flow.