Test the EPP in Console

Customise your EPP UI, set behaviours and make test payments within Console.


Get this feature with Payments v3

This functionality is accessible if you have Payments API v3 enabled and can create payments.

Not on v3? Speak to us to upgrade.

To test the EPP in Console, go to Console > EPP Demo. On this page you can create a test payment, customise the UI of your embedded payment page, start a session and see how your page will look in practice.

When you test the EPP, you make payments in sandbox. However, any test payments you make on this page don't show up on your payments view, because they do not move into or out of your merchant account.

Use the dropdown menus and radio buttons to customise the look and feel of the EPP. To start a test session, click Test it at the bottom of the page.

EPP options


Select the currency that your test payment is made in, from GBP or EUR, by selecting from the dropdown.


Select the language that your embedded payment page displays in.

If you want your EPP to display in the default language of your user's browser, select the empty option.

Page presentation

Select whether you want the EPP to display as a modal or inline on your site.

Debug mode

Choose whether you want the EPP to send logs to the developer console when you make a test payment.

If you set this to Silent, no logs appear in the dev console. If you set this to Warning, logs do appear.

Where to open the bank

Select where the bank website opens when your user is redirected to their bank to log in.

Hide navigation

Select whether you wish to present an option to close the window or go back within the EPP.

Note that if you set this option to Yes, and do not program your own options to cancel the payment within the EPP, your users will not be able to close the window or go back to your site. To abandon the payment, they will need to close their browser tab.

UI style

Set the colours and fonts that appear on the EPP UI. You can customise the:

  • default colour — the main colour of your UI
  • spinner colour — the colour of the spinner, or loader
  • illustration colour — the colour of any illustrations
  • font family — the font of your UI (input a Google font to select that font)

If you set a default colour and no other colours, that colour is present on spinners and illustrations as well.

Configuration result

This is a snippet of JSON with the configuration options that you've set on the page. These are query parameters that control Copy and paste this snippet into your EPP link to get it to work with your chosen settings.

In this section, you can also see whether your test payment is working:

  • If an error occurs, a red callout displays
  • If the test payment is successful, a green callout displays
  • If you manually fail, cancel or abandon the payment, a yellow callout displays


Seeing a red callout?

Check your settings in App settings. One reason an error can occur on this page is that your client credentials are not set correctly.

If your credentials are set correctly and errors are still occurring, raise a support ticket or speak to your point of contact.