Invite users to your app

Invite users so they can retrieve your integration's client credentials, access the payments view, or issue refunds.

As part of your integration, it can be useful to give other users access to an app. For example, you could give fellow administrators and developers the Admin or Developer role. People who need to issue refunds or view payments may benefit from the Payments Operator or View Only role.

However, not everyone in your organisation must have access to every app. Users can only see the apps they have access to. Learn more about organisations and user permissions.

How to invite users

To invite people to your app, first ensure that you have the correct app open. Then:

  1. Click the Team members icon in the left-hand navigation bar.
    The People page displays, displaying the list of members in the current app and:
    • what role they have within your app
    • whether they have multi-factor authentication enabled
    • when they were last active
    • the ability to edit their role or remove them from the app.
  2. Click Add people.
    The Add people to your application dialog displays.
  3. Enter the email address of the user to add to the app, select a role for them, and click Invite.
    The user receives an email invite they must respond to in order to access the app.

Pending invitations

On the People page, click the Pending invites tab to see a list of invites your users haven't accepted. For each invite you have sent, there are also three actions, the option to:

  • resend an invite to the user's email
  • copy the invite as a link to share with the user directly
  • delete the invite so the user cannot accept it any more

If your users have difficulty accepting your invitation, for example due to email filters, you should share the invite link with them directly.