Plugin testing and go-live

Test the WooCommerce plugin in sandbox and production, and get ready to go live.

Once you have input all of the details needed to get the plugin up and running, you can test different payment scenarios in sandbox to make sure that you've configured the plugin correctly. Once you're happy, you can go live with the plugin in production. We recommend the testing scenarios below.

Happy path

The testing checklist below details a successful user journey to make a payment:

  1. Once Instant Bank Payment has been clicked, the hosted payment page opens.
  2. Bank selection screen displays.
  3. User consent screen displays.
  4. QR handoff displays and works.
  5. App2App works for both Android and iOS (in the UK — equivalent flows across the EU also work).
  6. Redirect screen for user is relevant based on payment status.
  7. Payment statuses display correctly against relevant orders in WooCommerce.
  8. The option to "Refund with TrueLayer" displays correctly against relevant orders.
  9. Refund successfully processes.
  10. Refund status is correctly displays against the order.

Unhappy path

  1. Potential user dropouts or cancellations at every stage are handled.
  2. Failed journey correctly displays against individual orders in WooCommerce.
  3. Where applicable, the failure reasons are informative and relevant against individual orders in WooCommerce

How to test in production

If you want to test the above checklist in a production environment, we recommend you:

  1. Create a new product in WooCommerce and make the product only visible to you and other relevant stakeholders.
  2. Set the product price to a nominal fee, such as £1.
  3. Test the above scenarios on your personal device.


Follow these final steps before you start accepting payments with TrueLayer.

  1. Configure TrueLayer to display as a payment method in relevant countries only.
  2. Correctly populate the plugin production fields with production credentials.
  3. Uncheck Test Mode in the plugin.
  4. Toggle Live on in Console.

Once the above steps are complete, click save. You can now accept payments with TrueLayer!