Store and prepopulate your user's IBAN

Improve the payment experience for returning users by remembering their IBAN.

Most banks allow the user to choose which account they pay from if they have multiple accounts. But some EU banks require you to specify which account the user makes a payment from by providing their IBAN in the payment request. If you are using our payment UIs, your user sees a screen asking them to enter their IBAN to specify which account they are paying from.

If you already have the user's IBAN, for example from a previous payment, you can prepopulate it to save this IBAN field saves users time and effort at this stage. This can significantly improve conversion in the EU, where having to input their IBAN every time they pay is frustrating for consumers.

If you already have an IBAN registered for your user, pass it to the Payments API in the remitter object when you create a payment (using the preselected option for provider selection).

Below is an example of how a payment request looks when using the remitter object to remember your user's IBAN.

  "currency": "GBP",
  "payment_method": {
    "type": "bank_transfer",
    "provider_selection": {
      "type": "preselected",
      "remitter": {
        "account_identifier": {
          "type": "iban",
          "iban": "GB7630006000011234567891"
        "account_holder_name": "Jane Doe"
      "scheme_id": "faster_payments_service",
      "provider_id": "eg-provider"
    "beneficiary": {
      "type": "merchant_account",
      "verification": {
        "type": "automated"

Find your user's IBAN to store it

You can find your user's IBAN when they pay you via the payment_authorized, payment_executed, payment_failed and payment_settled webhooks, in the payment_source field. Once you have this information, you can develop your own logic to store it for future payments from that user.

If you use closed-loop payments, you can find information in the payment_source object in the settled webhook. executed webhooks returned by CMA9 banks in the UK also have a payment_source field.