Console introduction

Use Console to manage your different integrations and quickly access payments data.

To use TrueLayer products, you need to sign up to Console. When you first sign up for Console, a dialog displays which contains instructions on how to get started.

In Console, you and users within your organisation can:

When you sign into Console, a screen displays with options for integrating different products.

The screen that displays when you sign into Console.

The screen that displays when you sign into Console.

The Console menu

The menu to the left in Console contains a variety of options that you can use to set up, manage and monitor your integration.

Icon in menuDescription

App settings

Set, view or reset your client_id and client_secret and edit your return URIs.

Data API

Configuration options for the Data API. You can:

- Build auth links for your users.
- Customise the UI of your auth dialog.

Verification API

Learn how to get started with the Verification API.


Configuration and administration options for the Payments API v3. You can:

- Upload a public key to sign requests.
- Edit Webhook URIs.
- View your merchant account balances.
- Set up sweeping from your merchant account.
- Customise the UI for the hosted payment page and payment links.
- View a dashboard of payments made through your integration.

Payments also contains UI customisation options for the legacy Payments API v2

Payouts API

Configuration options for the legacy Payouts API.

Payouts are also supported with the Payments API v3.

PayDirect API

Configuration options for the legacy PayDirect API.

All PayDirect API functionality is supported by the Payments API v3.

Team members

A list of users with access to your application.

People with the Admin role can edit existing users' permissions or invite new users to the application.


Navigate to this very documentation site.


Open the support chat dialog, where you can find answers to common questions or ask a question.

Status page

Navigate to the service status page, where you can check the availability of TrueLayer's APIs.

You can also:

  • Click the name of your application in the drop-down in the top-left corner to switch between applications.
  • Toggle Live in the top-right corner to switch between sandbox and production environments.
  • Click your initials in the top-right corner to sign out or set up multi-factor authentication.