Console configuration for Magento

Before you can start using Magento, you need to set up an account on Console.

Get up and running with Truelayer's Magento plugin, powered by our latest Payments API v3, to access all of our payments products in all supported geographies.

TrueLayer configuration

Before you integrate TrueLayer into your Magento store, you need to set up a Console account and generate public and private keys. Console is a dashboard that allows you to manage your TrueLayer account in one place.

Here's how to configure your Console account:

  1. Sign up to Console and verify your account.
  2. Create a new application and download your client_secret.
  3. In the top-right corner, make sure Live is toggled to off. Then go to Payments. The Payments API v3 powers your payments through TrueLayer on your store.

The Payments homepage in Console. The location of the Payments API and Live/Sandbox toggle are highlighted.

  1. Generate both a public and private key for signing API requests. Keep them to hand — you'll need to use them later. Learn how to generate keys.


Storing signing keys

Make sure to store your keys securely. Your private key provides an additional, essential layer of security and must not be known to anyone except you.

  1. In Console, click on Payments, and click Get Started.
  2. Go to Settings and upload your public key from step 4:

The Payments > Settings page in Console.

  1. Create your merchant account, enter a name for it, and then click Create. This can be a company name or a person's name.
  2. In Payments, go to Settings and set your Webhook URI. The Webhook URI provides a destination for TrueLayer to send payment status updates to. Change this to the following:


Replace with the actual URL of your store.


The Payments > Settings page of the TrueLayer console. A Webhook URI is configured for the Magento plugin at the bottom.

  1. Click the cog icon in the top left corner to go to the Settings page in Console. Add a return URI in the Allowed redirect URIs section. This is where your customers will be redirected to after they authorise a payment. Format it like this:



The Settings page in Console. A return URI has been added for the Magento plugin.

You've now configured your TrueLayer account for use with the Magento plugin.