Mock providers

v1 providers endpoint currently exposes a mock provider named Mock UK Payments - Redirect Flow. Mock UK Payments - Redirect Flow simulates UK banks that use the redirect authorisation flow.

When you initiate a payment using this provider, we will return a URI to redirect your user to our mock provider authorisation page.

On the authorisation prompt page, different actions lead to different outcomes for the payment.
The following table describes the different actions you can make on the authorisation page and their outcomes:

ExecuteEnter usernametest_executed
Auth failureEnter usernametest_authorisation_failed
Execution RejectionEnter usernametest_execution_rejected
CancellationClick cancel button
    "id": "mock-payments-gb-redirect",
    "name": "Mock UK Payments - Redirect Flow",
    "country": "GB",
    "divisions": [
    "steps": []

Once you log in with one of the predetermined usernames, the mock provider will present the account selection page. When you provide the remitter account details in the payment initiation request, only the stated account can be selected on this screen.

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