Get started with Signup+

Learn how to get started with Signup+ quickly using the data only flow.


You must register for a Console account in order to use Signup+.

You also need to integrate with the Payments API v3

Enable the signupplus Scopes in Console. This scope is enabled by default in the sandbox environment. To enable this scope for production, contact Support. At the moment, the Signup+ API is available in the UK only.

Get started

Configure your auth link in Console. Then, use our Signup+ Insomnia collection to start making requests.

  1. Sign in to Console.
  2. Click on Data API > Auth Link Builder.
  3. Configure and generate your authentication link:
    • Change your scopes to include signupplus by selecting signupplus under Product Permissions.
    • Choose your providers by selecting the ones you need under Open Banking and Challenger Banks.
  4. Click the cog in the top-left corner of Console to access App Settings. Then, add your redirect URIs to the Allowed redirect URIs section.
  5. Access the authentication link you generated to retrieve your code.
    You can exchange this code for an access token using our Postman collection.
  6. Use the Signup+ Insomnia collection to make requests to the API and test Signup+.

Next Steps

If required, learn how to make payouts or refunds.