Mock providers [Payments V1]

Learn about the mock providers available for Payments v1.

The /v2/single-immediate-payments-providers endpoint will show you a mock provider named Mock UK Payments - Redirect Flow. Mock UK Payments - Redirect Flow simulates UK banks that use the redirect authorisation flow.

When you initiate a payment using this provider, we return a URI to redirect the user to our mock provider authorisation page.

On the authorisation prompt page, you can take different actions to simulate different payment statuses:

Enter the username test_executedPayment executed
Enter the username test_authorisation_failedAuthentication failed
Enter the username test_execution_rejectedExecution rejected
Click CancelPayment cancelled
    "id": "mock-payments-gb-redirect",
    "name": "Mock UK Payments - Redirect Flow",
    "country": "GB",
    "divisions": [
    "steps": []

When you log in with the credentials we provide for testing, you will see the provider selection screen. If you provide mock remitter account details in the payment initiation request, only the mock provider can be selected on this screen.