Payments V1

Learn how to integrate with our Payments API v1.


This is a legacy product. The Payments API v3 is the latest version of the Payments API.

If you’re integrating with the Payments product for the first time, you must use v3. Legacy versions will not give you access to the latest product features we’re building, including Signup+.

Learn how to integrate with Payments API v3.

The TrueLayer platform is integrated with UK and EU banks that offer payment initiation APIs. Our single public API enables you to make payment requests to all integrated UK providers, and some European providers.

Here's what you need to use it:

  • Create a TrueLayer account using the Console.
  • Contact sales for access to the Payments API.

For more information about the Payments API, check the Payments API FAQs. If you need more help with integrating, contact our support team.

This section of the documentation contains the following information about the Payments API v1:

  • Information to help you get you started and design a UI
  • A guide to integrating single immediate payments
  • Information about the available mock providers


All API endpoint URIs in this section are for the live environment. If you follow this guide using the sandbox environment, change the endpoint domain from to

You can also find all the sandbox endpoints in our Sandbox Postman collection.

Supported countries

Here is a list of providers we support in different countries.


Payments API v3

The Payments API v3 is the latest version of the Payments API.

We cannot guarantee that all of the information linked above remains correct for the Payments API v1.