Merchant accounts

Learn about everything you can do with a TrueLayer merchant account.

Merchant accounts are real bank accounts managed for you by TrueLayer. They are required in order to make payouts or refunds with the Payments API. We can enable one GBP and one EUR merchant account per client_id, for payments, payouts and refunds in each currency.


Merchant accounts are created by default in Sandbox.

To enable merchant accounts in production, contact us.

Each merchant account has an id, which you can use to simplify payments to it. They also have an account number and sort code or IBAN that you or users can pay into. Learn about the different ways to create payments to your merchant account.

Access your merchant account either via API requests or via Console.

Merchant accounts in Console

In Console, you can view details and transactions for your merchant accounts on the merchant account dashboard. You can also view, and generate reports of, recent transactions.

Merchant account API requests

You can use Payments API requests to perform the following tasks with your merchant accounts:

Automate withdrawals from your merchant account

You can automate withdrawals from your merchant account using sweeping. Sweeping is where you configure your merchant account to pay into an account you own at a given interval or total account value.